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AEROVIAV is a research railway project whose aim is to design new solutions for avoiding the aerodynamic phenomena existing in ballasted ed High Speed Lines, which reduce its maximum performance as consequence of the rolling stock traffic at speeds over 300 km per hour, being the most relevant for us us the one called ballast flying.

We want to increase the use of ballast on high-speed platforms.

We want to minimize the negative effects generated by the projection of the ballast

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To minimize the negative effects generated by ballast flying on railway High Speed Lines and increase the use of this sort of trnasport.


This research project will be divided into 6 work activities which will ensure that each of the objectives initially set are achieved.

The Commitee

The commitee responsible of the project is formed by three enterprises: ACCIONA Infraestructure, FORESA y METALÚRGICA CUEVAS

Consorcio AeroviaV